21 - 05 - 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee

May 21, 2013

9:30 am-12:00 pm

Wilfrid Laurier University, L3-314


  • Gohar Ashoughian
  • Annie Bélanger
  • Pascal Calarco
  • Vera Fesnak
  • Rebecca Graham
  • Jennifer Haas
  • Mark Haslett
  • Alison Hitchens
  • Charlotte Innerd
  • Dillon Moore
  • Randy Oldham
  • Gail Sperling
  • Matt Tales
  • Ron Ward
  • Charles Woods
  • Carolyn Vincent (recorder)


  • Joanne Oud
  • Greg Sennema

1. COGNOS Update

Ron Ward presented a preliminary list for the TUG Libraries COGNOS 10 Adoption/Conversion Project, outlining things to be done, questions, and issues to be addressed. The following three items were presented for TUG Exec’s consideration:

  • Licensing

    • Will require some cost
    • This will be a campus decision with potential local costs
  • Hiring of admin person for systems administration and report managing

    • Looking at succession issue when Gail Sperling retires in mid-2015
    • Would like someone in place to learn the TUG library environment and be involved in rebuilding of this environment and ongoing needs assessment
  • Training

    • $ to be allocated: IBM COGNOS B1 Administration, IBM COGNOS Framework Manager, and IBM COGNOS Report Studio Advanced

TUG Exec agreed that we know that we will be moving to COGNOS 10 and identified the following steps to move this along:

  • Review reports this summer
  • Get clarity from UW’s IST regarding what we can expect for software installation and administration


  • Pascal Calarco will contact IST
  • Identify what things are going to be cost-shared and get clarification for the next meeting

2. ELUNA Meeting Updates

Annie Bélanger, Pascal Calarco, Jennifer Haas, Alison Hitchens, Randy Oldham, Matt Tales and Charles Woods attended the ELUNA 2013 conference in Athens, Georgia.

Participants agreed that the conference was very energizing and forward-looking and that the TUG libraries have a good relationship with Ex-Libris as demonstrated by the level of support that we receive in general.

The TUG libraries will continue to monitor Alma developments and other developments from Ex-Libris.

3. Update from OCUL URM Summit

Approximately 80 librarians and staff from OCUL institutions met at the University of Toronto (Robarts Library) to learn about and discuss the concept of Unified Resource Management (URM) systems. While few OCUL libraries have active plans to purchase a URM system, there is widespread interest in the concept.

The day was spent learning about some URM concepts, hearing implementations stories, and discussion on how OCUL schools might benefit both individually and consortially.

4.Decision Regarding Verde

TUG Exec agreed that Verde has not been being used for a long time and that the TUG libraries should look at other solutions to manage electronic resources.


  • TUG Exec members will communicate to their individual institutions the plan that we will no longer license Verde.
  • Pascal Calarco will contact the OCUL office to let them know that the TUG libraries will not be renewing Verde.

5. PMPP Project Update

Jennifer Haas is now the Chair of TUG IR.

TUG IR is ahead of schedule with the PMPP project which means that there could potentially be staffing costs in fiscal 13/14.

TUG Exec agreed that once we have lists and understand the impacts we can time the projects to the budgeting of staffing issues. The need to articulate cost-avoidance benefits was noted.

6.Laurier Public Services Review Update and TUG Implications

Gohar Ashoughian informed the group that Laurier is reviewing policy changes:

  • Amalgamation of Reference and Circulation
  • Workflow changes
  • Physical space changes
  • Push to self-service opportunities - move to open hold shelves and open reserves


  • TUG Circulation will meet next week to review and refine the document and then send it to TUG IR.
  • If there is consensus from the two groups, the document will be forwarded to TUG Exec for review.

7. TUG Website – Status and Maintenance

Randy Oldham outlined that the TUG website has both public facing and staff pages and that both “live” at Guelph. Randy proposed that we “kill” the current website and he proposed the following:

  • Get a virtual server for $300/year for publically available bits
  • Get rid of TUG Wiki
  • Migrate to Sharepoint


  • Randy will work with Pascal and send a survey to Chairs of the TUG committees to determine their needs
  • Randy will communicate to TUG staff that the TUG website is being reviewed
  • Randy will work with Dillon to prepare for the proposed changes

8. Date for Next Meeting of TUG Exec and TUG Projects and Cost Share Reports Review

TUG Exec agreed that the information regarding the TUG projects and cost share reports will be received by email and they will review the material via a conference call to determine if a sit-down meeting is necessary.


  • Carolyn Vincent will contact the appropriate individuals and ask for the reports and forward to TUG Exec