02 - 06 - 2013 Meeting Mintues

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee

February 6, 2013

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

University of Waterloo, LIB 428


  • Annie Bélanger
  • Pascal Calarco
  • Annette Dandyk
  • Vera Fesnak
  • Scott Gillies
  • Mark Haslett
  • Alison Hitchens
  • Sharon Lamont
  • Joanne Oud
  • Nancy Peltier
  • Sandra Reginato
  • Catherine Steeves
  • Carolyn Vincent (recorder)
  • Ron Ward
  • Charles Woods


  • Gohar Ashoughian
  • Michelle Edwards
  • Rebecca Graham

TUG Projects: year-to-date status reports & updates, and projected 2013/14 budgets

Annex – Sandra Reginato

Projected total costs are lower than budgeted for 2013/14.

The Annex has not incurred shelving costs or overhead heating costs therefore the budget costs will be moved to the next fiscal year.

Annex Space Summary – Scott Gillies

Based on the current maximum annual flow rate of 30,000 volumes per year, the Annex has sufficient capacity left for approximately 3.4 years of growth in aggregate.

Action:TUG IR will prepare recommendations on the “cap”, as well as, an outline of what they will be working on between March and September for the TUG Exec meeting in March.

TUG IR Update – Annie Bélanger

At the last TUG Exec meeting TUG IR was asked to prepare a Project Charter. A “public facing” document was provided for discussion.

No project expenditures will occur this fiscal with anticipated scenarios next Fall. Staffing costs will likely occur in 2014/15.

Action: The Charter will be slightly redrafted for TUG Exec. Timelines and milestones for the outlined steps will be added to the document. (Annie Bélanger)

Statistics and Reports & Cognos Project Report – Ron Ward

The future composition of the group has to be considered in light of one of the systems analysts retiring in 2015. The need exists for a staff succession plan.

The production server is up and running, with added reporting functionality.

There were standard annual costs for salaries with no significant training costs.

Ron reported that TSR would like to pass this report onto UW IST, if TUG Exec approves. (This was agreed to.)

The learning curve from Cognos 7 to 10 is thought to be manageable. Some aspects of reporting are significantly different, with increased functionality.

Pascal Calarco informed the group that he anticipates that IST at Waterloo will be issuing an RFP in 2013.

Action: Mark will bring together a broader “TUG” group, including Dave Wallace (CIO, UW) to discuss how to move forward.

Action: Catherine Steeves and Pascal Calarco are going to jointly investigate why we can’t get better SUISHI and other e journal usage statistics from SWETS and other vendors.

TRELLIS – Charles Woods

The projected costs will be finalized by the end of March.

There have been no new costs for Voyager operations; all projected costs will be carried forward. Once the ELUNA agenda is released, it will be decided how many individuals will attend. ELUNA is at the end of April and therefore will not be in the 2012/13 budget. TUG Exec agreed that TUG will cost share up to five individuals. However, individual institutions can finance and send more if needed.

Action: TOMG & Primo will have further discussions regarding ELUNA and report back to TUG Exec once numbers are known.

Primo and Next Steps – Pascal Calarco and Alison Hitchens

Alison Hitchens provided a brief Primo Report for 2012-2013.

Since September 2012 they have been working closely with ExLibris to try and resolve Primo- Voyager interoperability issues which cause intermittent issues with accounts, holds and recalls.

MARCit! is not in production yet. This is a concern given that we have spent a significant amount on something we have not yet used.


Pascal Calarco provided an Alma Implementation Services Proposal for discussion, as well as, a preliminary invoice. The upfront amount is very high.

Over a ten year ‘expected life of system’, it appears that Alma would cost significantly more than the current complement of Voyager, SFX and Verde.

Given the above pricing it is recommended in the proposal that we do not pursue Alma further at this time, perhaps revisiting this in 2014-2015.

Action: Pascal Calarco will be following up with ExLibris on Alma pricing, and will also ask if we can get credit for the SFX MARCit! charge this year and last, as we are not in production with that product yet.

Action: TUG Exec will have further discussions regarding the future use of Verde.

TDR – Michelle Edwards

The written report from Michelle Edwards was received.

Sharon Lamont informed the Project Managers that measures are due by Friday, March 15th and expenses by Wednesday, April 10th.

Action: Carolyn Vincent will send out the cost-sharing memo.

The following agenda items were deferred to the next meeting:

  • E-Books, OCUL, etc.
  • Copyright Matters
  • Updates