10 - 29 - 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Monday, October 29, 2018
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee October 29, 2018 9:00 am – 12:00 noon Wilfrid Laurier University, Library Instruction Room 3-314


Present: Gohar Ashoughian, Victoria Chu, Scott Gillies, Alison Hitchens, Barbara McDonald, Beth Namachchivaya (Chair), Randy Oldham, Carolyn Vincent (Recorder)

Regrets: MJ D’Elia, Amanda Etches, Nick Richbell

The minutes from the July 9, 2018 TUG Exec meeting were approved as written.

1.     Delegating CF decision-making as needed to TUG Steering, in collaboration with TUG Implementation leads

TUG Exec discussed the best way to help the process of delegating CF decision-making as needed to TUG Steering, in collaboration with TUG Implementation Leads.

  • Treating TUG as separate institutions is a factor whatever happens. Individual AULs can consult with individual ULs as needed.
  • Some policies will have to move to CF – does it make sense to keep any as TUG policies?
  • Have to determine what makes sense or doesn’t – feedback is needed from the people who are doing the work at the three institutions.
  • There is hope for a straight cutover with no parallel operations.

2.     TUG Governance

TUG Exec discussed TUG governance issues and the following are recommendations that were agreed upon:

  • TUG Fines Amnesty Program and TUG decisions during OCUL-CF Ex Libris implementation:

    TUG Exec will charge TUG Steering with the responsibility for recommending a plan for implementing fines amnesty, with effective date(s), prior to the transition to the OCUL Collaborative Futures digital library platform in December 2019 / January 2020.

    If TUG Steering requires decisions on other TUG policies during CF Implementation they can use an expedited method (ie email TUG Exec; set up a conference call) - so we don’t hold up decisions required by Ex Libris Implementation.

  • Ad Hoc Subcommittee, OCUL Collaborative Futures Implementation Leads:

    TUG Exec will appoint a subcommittee reporting to TUG Steering. The members of the ad hoc subcommittee will work collaboratively with TUG Steering to develop recommendations to TUG Exec for OCUL-CF implementation matters that require TUG joint decisions. 

  • TUG transition and sunset schedule:

     In order to focus on the transition to the OCUL-CF digital library platform with other OCUL libraries, TUG Exec will charge TUG Steering to develop a transition and sunset schedule for TUG committees, groups, and functions that report to TUG Steering. TUG Steering will share a draft transition and sunset schedule with TUG Exec by December 14, 2018.


  • Coordination of TUG Annex post-transition

    As part of TUG transition process, TUG Exec will charge TUG Steering to consider and bring forward a recommendation for a successor committee that will coordinate the activities associated with TUG Annex: operations, finance, facilities, collections project priorities.


  • Beth will draft terms of reference for the Ad Hoc Subcommittee of OCUL CF Implementation Leads and draft communication to be sent to TUG Steering charging the committee to develop a fines amnesty implementation schedule and a transition and sunset schedule for TUG groups reporting to TUG Steering.
  • Beth will ask Rebecca if there has been any conversation regarding Voyager clients paying double fees during the implementation year. Need to know the cycle for payment under the TUG umbrella.
  • TUG Exec will have a three-way conference call in January to discuss anticipated changes, budget simplification and develop a communication plan with provosts and legal council.

3.     OCUL CF reclamation updates

  • TUG Cataloguing had a call with Ex Libris questioning if we can submit one file instead of three. There was a conversation regarding what records don’t need to be in the network zone. Alison reported that there has been good feedback from Ex Libris.

    • TUG Steering will ask TUG Cataloguing to pull out scenarios to ask specific questions to Ex Libris.
  • There is a need to know how other institutions are migrating data at the OCUL level. A unified approach is needed.
  • OCUL gov docs communication – Conversations are taking place about gov docs data and what we can do.
  • Once we are over the implementation hurdle, how do we kick start print management?
  • Discussions are also taking place around last copy.

4.     OCUL CF migration planning updates

  • The Committee discussed suggestions for clarifying and maximizing OCUL communication during the CF preparation and implementation phases.
  • Core Implementation Group – talking to IST at Waterloo who will provide a project manager.
  • The Committee discussed the need to be able to articulate for senior administrators at each TUG institution some specific examples of the benefits of migrating from a TUG digital library platform to a OCUL digital library platform.

5.     Delegating TUG decision-making re: OCUL CF migration and implementation

  • TUG Exec outlined to TUG Steering members what was discussed regarding TUG governance in the TUG Exec portion of the meeting.
  • Creating an open communication and decision making channel is necessary. The Ad Hoc Subcommittee can advise TUG Steering who will work with TUG Exec as needed for joint decision making.