09 - 07 - 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Monday, July 9, 2018
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee
July 9, 2018
9:00 am – 12:00 noon
University of Waterloo – LIB 407


Present: Gohar Ashoughian, Scott Gillies, Alison Hitchens, Lisa Maenpaa, Barbara McDonald, Beth Namachchivaya (Chair), Randy Oldham, Hanan Shafique, Carolyn Vincent (Recorder), Ron Ward, Kevin Zavitz

TUG Projects and Cost Share Reports Review

TUG Annex – Kevin Zavitz

Overall, the Annex had an end-of-year surplus of $46,682.

The proposed net budget for 2018/19 is $429,750. This differs by less than $2,000 from the net budget for 2017/18 due mostly to the newly signed lease agreement with Guelph Infiniti Nissan, and the absence of budgeted expenditures for replacement of the aging overhead heaters are offset by planned renovations to the office and restroom areas.

Statistics and Reports – Ron Ward

Statistics and Reports are no longer part of the TUG cost sharing process.

With the impending discussions and decisions related to training for Collaborative Futures preparations budget was earmarked for training, however no definitive training or consultation decisions were identified during the fiscal year.

Money has been budgeted for pending discussions and decisions related to training for:

  • Collaborative Futures product(s)
  • Archiving of Voyager and Cognos data
  • UW parental leave replacement staff training

A contingency fund is in place for consultant services to enable efficient development if issues or knowledge gaps/roadblocks are encountered during Cognos succession.

There is a placeholder value for conference attendance/training opportunities when Collaborative Future analytics products become clearer.

TRELLIS & Primo – Randy Oldham

The projected budget reflects business as usual, however,

  • There are uncertainties related to Collaborative Futures
  • The budget doesn’t include any projection for OCLC reclamation (numbers aren’t known at this stage)
  • The budget doesn’t include any additional OTO migration costs

TUG Exec agreed that although we don’t know what OCUL will say about customizations and changes, customizations and user interface need be on their radar.

Lisa informed TUG Exec that we will not be paying for any maintenance on hardware. We may not have a lot as a TUG expense after the implementation of OCUL CF.

Review and Approval of the Minutes of March 22, 2018

The minutes were accepted as written.

TUG Steering Conversation

OCUL CF and reclamation options, priorities and timeline

Beth thanked TUG Steering for opening up a conversation and reporting out.

It was agreed that there are unknowns at this time. Items with no matches in OCLC, how do we get OCLC #s for them?  - a logistical question

Regarding timing of implementation, it was agreed that we should sign up and then figure it out as it is important to get in the queue. The TUG libraries have a similar timeframe, therefore follow up cleanup needs to be coordinated.

TUG Exec recommended:

  • TUG Steering go full speed ahead with the OCLC reclamation and get on schedule as soon as possible.
  • Prep for migration after vendor announcement
  • TUG Steering have a conversation with TUG Cat about cleanup work – what areas to clean up, the timeline and how we get it done
  • The Authorities question will fit into the conversation
  • As TUG Steering and TUG Cat work together, an update will be sent back to TUG Exec (will have a conversation if needed)

TUG Steering Update on TUG Last Copy Policy

TUG IR provided a response back to TUG Exec regarding concerns with the TUG Last Copy Policy document from the Fall 2017 meeting. TUG Exec reviewed the document outlining issues and responses from TUG IR.

Scott provided TUG Exec with a document with summary statistics of TUG Annex Last copy holdings for additional background and review.


  • Scott will work on an executive summary, using the original recommendations with clarifications, for TUG Exec. This will be communicated to TUG IR.
  • TUG Exec will respond to TUG IR and what they have agreed on
  • A brief one-page document will then be communicated out to the others

TUG Steering Recommendations re: Fines

Three TUG Steering recommendations re: Fines were sent to TUG Exec for review:

  • TUG Exec accepts the recommendation to cease fines reconciliation between TUG Libraries effective immediately
    • If item is lost, we report it and the item is not replaced. This will work equally across the three institutions.
    • Action: TUG Exec Chair will notify TUG Steering
  • TUG implement a Fines Amnesty Period effective (date to be established by TUG Executive) prior to the implementation of OCUL CF
    • Will be determined once we have a better sense of timeframe – wait to closer to cutover and rely on vendor advice on reasonable time
  • Existing historical patron fines (date be established by TUG Executive) would be forgiven and discharged from the system
    • Definition needs to be clarified by TUG Steering
    • TUG Steering will work with TUG Access and report back


There were no other topics discussed.

Around the Table Updates

Informal around the table updates.