22 - 03 - 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, March 22, 2018
Meeting Minutes: 

Present: Gohar Ashoughian (Chair), Gord Bertrand, Scott Gillies (via conference phone), Rebecca Graham, Alison Hitchens, Lisa Maenpaa, Barbara McDonald, Beth Namachchivaya, Hanan Shafique, Carolyn Vincent (Recorder), Kevin Zavitz

1.Welcome and Introductions, Approval of Agenda, Review and Approval of the Minutes of October 26, 2017

The agenda and minutes were accepted and approved as presented.

2.Financial Updates

TUG Exec accepted the updates/reports from the project leaders as presented. TUG Exec will direct any questions to the project leaders via email.

Alison identified that TUG Analytics has done scoping and gathering of different types of data. A meeting will be set up with IST at Waterloo to identify the best way of archiving data once TUG has determined which data needs archiving. Alison provided information on additional Cognos 10 licensing costs related to support of an end-of-life product. Depending on the outcome of the Waterloo budget process, TUG Exec may need to budget $28,000 for licenses in the TUG Analytics budget.

Kevin Zavitz reported that there was a $22k end of year surplus for the Annex with a proposed net budget of $397,750 for 2018/2019.

Lisa Maenpaa provided a TOIT update and reported that software costs are lower than budgeted due to the stronger Canadian dollar. The MARCit amount reflects an accrual booked last year that relates to this fiscal. This product was not renewed. No ELUNA travel costs will be included this year since each institution is paying individually for participants to attend. The Voyager server data migration took place last year and the expense was processed. Again, with the slightly weaker US dollar, the Canadian amount was less than originally estimated.

Central Stores at the University of Waterloo propose that the total funds transferred to the applicable Central Stores account for the Annex van be set as a firm ongoing price of $7,500 per year. A change would occur only if there was a drastic reduction or increase in fuel costs. TUG Exec is in agreement with this approach.

3.TUG Role Planning

The Chair of TUG Exec is for a 1-year term on a rotating basis. Beth Namachchivaya at Waterloo will be the chair for the coming year.

Gord Bertrand is the current chair of TUG Steering and will be the Implementation Manager for Collaborative Futures.

Rebecca Graham will be on leave at the end of the summer and Barbara McDonald will be the acting UL at Guelph and therefore a member of TUG Exec.

The Annex manager will be retiring as of July 1st and the assumption is that they will move ahead to fill this position.

TUG Exec agreed that it makes sense to keep Randy Oldham in the position of TUG Operations Coordinator.

TUG Steering has captured the terms of reference and TUG committee work plans within the CF context.

There will be more clarity once we know the vendor. It is important to identify what is absolutely essential, beneficial and realistic during this time and the groups can then re sharpen their focus. TUG Exec agreed that some records are unique to each institution and there might be some mapping needed to capture the data correctly.

TUG Exec agreed that the skills, expertise and experience has to be paired to the knowledge gained. Moving forward it is important to focus attention on the work that is necessary and encourage the wind down of work processes.

A webinar will be available once we know the vendor to articulate the differences and optimal benefits.

Regarding the revamp of work plans & areas to target, Alison suggested it might be useful to have a conversation with both TUG Cat and TUG IR.

Alison Hitchens reported that the Human Resources (HR) department at Waterloo is working through change management for the new Workday implementation, which might provide some useful information for TUG.

Action: Barbara McDonald will ask Amanda Etches whether she would be willing to chair TUG Steering when she returns on May 22nd.

Action: Barbara McDonald will extend an invitation to TUG Steering for a rep on the search committee for hiring the Annex manager.

Action: Rebecca Graham will reach out to Ottawa & Queens to see if they have done overlap analysis of records, which will help target what work remains to be completed.

Action: TUG Steering will work on the work plans and a communication strategy.

Action: Alison Hitchens will have a conversation with HR at Waterloo to obtain more information about change management, as it will be necessary to project manage for the first year after we go live.

4.In Camera Portion of TUG Exec Meeting

TUG Exec identified the need for further simplification financially as we move forward. TUG Exec reviewed the TUG roles and agreed that cost sharing for Stats & Reporting will not continue.

TUG Exec discussed the need for the Annex post CF implementation. How the Annex will operate within a different environment, yet allow for similar functionality was part of the discussion. TUG Exec agreed that the Annex will continue to be a shared facility amongst the three institutions and that some activities will probably need to be altered once we go live.

Action: TUG Exec will ask financial analysts to reduce the complexity and simplify the cost sharing approach. Rebecca Graham will reach out to Kevin Zavitz on behalf of TUG Exec.

5.Around the Table Updates

Informal around the table updates.