26 - 10 - 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee October 26, 2017 9:00 am – 12:00 noon Wilfrid Laurier University, 4th Floor Boardroom


Present: Gohar Ashoughian (Chair), Gord Bertrand, Scott Gillies, Rebecca Graham, Beth Namachchivaya, Carolyn Vincent (Recorder)

1. Welcome and Introductions, Approval of Agenda, Review and Approval of the Minutes of June 16, 2017

The agenda and minutes were accepted as written.

2. Preparation for TUG Day

TUG Day will take place at Laurier on Thursday, November 2, 2017. The focus of the day will be preparation for Collaborative Futures.

Gord Bertrand provided a revised draft agenda and some suggestions from TUG Steering on topics that TUG Exec could address during the morning information session. TUG Exec agreed that it would be beneficial to have a panel for the morning session, consisting of TUG Exec and others to address updates and conversation.

TUG Exec agreed that we are well placed to step in as a group and that some functions will transfer to the OCUL CF environment. Much will depend on the capability of the vendor. It was agreed that we have to do some listening at the local level ie. communication and knowledge sharing. We have to look at myth busting - “nothing is certain until everything is certain”. There is a benefit of people having worked elsewhere and gone along the path. We can say what will change but how it changes is hard to say.

TUG Exec agreed that we should reinforce to the TUG community that what we are doing is a priority and it is important to keep the momentum going after TUG Day. It is important to have a principle statement from TUG Exec indicating they strongly support this and they are committed to providing the necessary resources. General issues from committees can go to TUG Steering for discussion, who in turn, will forward the more important issues directly to TUG Exec.

TUG Exec thanked TUG Steering for organizing the TUG Day.

Action: Gord will send a revised agenda with notes to TUG Exec before sending out to participants.

3. Annex – Proposal to replace current lights.

Rebecca provided a document outlining details related to the TUG Annex Energy Savings Lighting Retrofit Project. The lighting fixtures throughout the Annex facility are currently less efficient florescent bulbs. The project was gone to tender to five companies in order to ensure competitive pricing.

TUG Exec agreed that this this energy savings program would be an investment and the basic cost share principle be applied.

Action: Rebecca will provide an update from tender to see where the costs are and circulate back to TUG Exec via email for consideration.

4. TUG Last Copy Agreement

In March of 2017, TUG Steering requested that TUG IR undertake a review of the Preservation of Last Copy Agreement. Reviewing this policy is one of the preparatory pieces to complete before the implementation phase of OCUL CF.

TUG Steering recognizes there are practicalities around institutional large-scale weeding projects. In practice, implementing the policy requires a significant investment of staff time and manual processes to identify remaining duplicate holdings and last copies.

Scott provided an overview of the TUG IR proposal document on TUG Last Copy. TUG IR provides a series of recommendations to phase out the TUG Last Copy Policy. As participants in the OCUL Collaborative Futures project, users will have access to an even broader scope of collections within Ontario via a shared discovery system in the nearer term and a broader Shared Print Network in the longer term.

TUG Exec requested clarifications on a couple of details and answers to questions arising from TUG IR. This should help with finalizing the recommendations and position TUG and local collections staff to steward last copy principles through the transition period.

TUG Exec agreed that until there is clarity around shared print arising from OCUL CF, there is a need to identify an effective way of doing things that is not labour intensive. The TUG Bulletin could provide a heads up with spreadsheets available to identify last copies.

Action: Scott will draft questions for TUG IR to discuss ie the threshold and timing and work with TUG IR to try to articulate the language. Scott will create questions for TUG Exec and TUG Steering to consider before taking to TUG IR.

5. In Camera Portion of TUG Exec Meeting

TUG Exec discussed issues related to future shared TUG programs and agreed that decisions have to occur relative to the TUG cost-shared positions as OCUL CF project evolves. TUG Exec will revisit TUG shared TSR positions to determine whether we can continue to accomplish our collective work without maintaining the cost sharing of these positions. Knowing that upcoming staff changes are anticipated in at least one TUG institution, TUG Exec will revisit TUG cataloguing position when further information is available, and similarly, when more information about the impact of OCUL CF becomes available.

Action: TUG Exec will charge the TUG Steering committee to work with TSR to investigate and identify the expertise level of positions and the percentage of time needed to determine if there is a more effective way of doing collective work.

6. Around the Table Updates

Informal around the table updates.