16 - 06 - 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Friday, June 16, 2017
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee June 16, 2017 9:00 am – 12:00 noon Wilfrid Laurier University, Library Instruction Room, L3-314


Present: Gohar Ashoughian (Chair), Gord Bertrand, Scott Gillies, Alison Hitchens, Tamara Hundt, Lisa Maenpaa, Barb McDonald, Ron Ward, Carolyn Vincent (Recorder)

1. TUG Projects and Cost Share Reports Review

TUG Annex – Barb McDonald for Kevin Zavitz

Overall, the Annex had a $44,241 end of year surplus. Significant contributors to the surplus were the revenues from the parking lease and less spending on maintenance than was expected. The revenues from parking rent include rent arrears owed to us.

TUG Exec accepted the report and proposed budget.

Statistics and Reports – Ron Ward

Due to pending discussions and decisions related to Collaborative Futures, no definitive training or consultation decisions are apparent at this point. An arbitrary funding value has been added, but it may need to be adjusted as needs are identified in 2017-2018 as the path to supporting reporting becomes clearer.

A contingency fund is in place for consultant fees to enable efficient development if issues or knowledge gaps/roadblocks arise during Cognos succession.

There is a placeholder value for the IBM Insight conference or training when Collaborative Futures initiative analytics products are clear targets.

TUG Exec accepted the report and proposed budget.

TRELLIS & Primo – Lisa Maenpaa for Randy Oldham

The 2017–2018 proposed budget reflects MARCit! not being renewed and costs for Voyager server migration.

TUG Exec accepted the report and proposed budget.

Action: Lisa will confirm non-salary costs for Laurier and report back to TUG Exec.

Alison worked with Lisa to create a rough draft of the cost analysis for Voyager in a scenario where we need to continue with Voyager while on the new OCUL-CF system. Depending on the successful vendor (e.g. if it is not Ex Libris) our current vendor may charge a premium for extending our maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis. The report presented to TUG Exec reflected the Voyager amounts + 20% for TUG with information for individual scenarios on a quarterly basis.

Gohar acknowledged that this was Tamara’s last day and, on behalf of TUG Exec, thanked her for all of her help with the TUG cost share process.

2. Review and Approval of the Minutes of March 31, 2017

The minutes were accepted as written.

3. Report Back From the TUG Steering Committee on Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan

At the May 26th TUG Steering Committee meeting strategies were discussed for moving forward with the Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan which was approved at the March 31st TUG Exec meeting. Key to the discussion was the need to have a consultative and collaborative process to review and finalize details of the preparation plan, engage/invest TUG committees in the work, and plan for regular communications to TUG members. On behalf of the TUG Steering Committee, Gord provided TUG Exec with a document outlining the next steps.

TUG Exec approved the plan.

Action: the TUG Steering Committee will consult with TUG Analytics to confirm recommendations of the Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan and report back to TUG Exec.

4. Sharing of Documents

TUG Exec discussed the need to have a shared place to save and store files and agreed that they were comfortable with sharing financial documents that may include salary information.

TUG Exec asked the TUG Steering Committee to work with the TUG Finance Committee, once it is fully populated, to suggest how best to proceed and implement the plan in SharePoint.

Action: Alison will follow up with Sharon Lamont to determine if she has any reservations regarding sharing financial documents that may include salary information.

5. TUG Chair

TUG Exec approved having a chair with a one-year term. Gohar agreed to be the chair for the upcoming year.

6. Around the Table Updates

Informal around the table updates.