31 - 03 - 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Friday, March 31, 2017
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee

March 31, 2017

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

University of Waterloo, LIB 407



  • Gohar Ashoughian
  • Gordon Bertrand
  • Scott Gillies
  • Alison Hitchens (Chair)
  • Tamara Hundt
  • Lisa Maenpaa
  • Barb McDonald
  • Randy Oldham
  • Carolyn Vincent (Recorder)
  • Ron Ward
  • Kevin Zavitz

1.TUG Projects: year-to-date status reports & updates, and projected 2017/18 budgets

TUG Annex – Kevin Zavitz

Overall, the projected end of year surplus is $37,000.

Next fiscal year, a new vendor is required to carry out the security requirements for the Annex. This is due to difficulties in dealing with the current vendor.

The shelving in Bay 2 is complete. The work was over budget by $6,000 due to extra time required by the contractor to facilitate installation.

Guelph Infinity Nissan has signed a new contract.

The replacement of the two overhead heating units continues to be included in the budget. Due to the age of the units, it is more economical to allow them to fail and replace them.

There has been an increase in utility costs, namely the cost of electricity.

Statistics and Reports – Ron Ward

The TUG Statistics and Reports Group (TSR) continued work on its core initiatives during 2016-2017 for the implementation of Cognos 10.

A number of areas for technical training and development exist. No formal training took place in light of OCUL Collaborative Futures (OCUL CF).

  • TSR will consult with local IT units on historical archiving of data to determine if there is a need for continued budget for Voyager access post OCUL-CF implementation.

TRELLIS & Primo – Randy Oldham

This year TUG Primo was involved with upgrading from Primo 4.9 to the August 2016 Primo upgrade, the implementation of the ‘browse search’ Primo feature, the implementations of the ‘pre-proxy’ feature for all three TUG institutions, and the planning for OCUL CF. The upgrade to production was actually six upgrades in one.

The TUG Discovery Team has begun initial planning for the OCUL CF project, having begun to inventory the customizations and integrations with Primo.

Training costs are not included in the budget as there are too many unknowns at this time regarding OCUL CF. There may be possible migration costs but these should be part of the OCUL-CF costing.

MARCit! will not be renewed this year and the budgeted amount will be removed from the spreadsheet.

The OCUL CF project will require a considerable amount of work to ensure a seamless migration from Voyager. TOIT and TUG Steering have begun to produce an inventory of activities that need to happen immediately to prepare for migration. They will begin working with TUG committees to assign this work and shift priorities to begin preparations for this project.

  • Lisa will confirm the amount for moving Voyager to the newer servers.
  • TUG Exec recommended that the creation of a TUG Finance Committee would be beneficial so that the TUG finance contacts (Kevin Zavitz at Guelph, Tamara Hundt at Laurier and Lisa Maenpaa at Waterloo), the Director, Organizational Services or Senior Administrative Officer at each institution can more easily work together. TUG Exec also recommended that a place be set up to share financial documents. TUG Exec, TUG Steering and TUG Finance would have permission to access the documents.
  • Randy will provide a template to assist the TUG Finance Committee.

2.Review and Approval of the Minutes of December 5, 2016

The minutes were accepted as written.

3.Business Arising

There was no business arising.

4.TUG Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan

On behalf of TUG Exec, Alison thanked the TUG Steering Committee for preparing the OCUL Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan. TUG Steering has been collaborating with the TUG community in the development of a proposal for actions that can be undertaken to prepare for participation in OCUL CF.

TUG Exec recommended that a Collaborative Futures working group would be beneficial to facilitate ongoing consultation.

TUG Exec endorsed the draft plan provided by TUG Steering as a work in progress. TUG Steering will be in charge of the operation of Collaborative Futures and TUG Exec gave them authority to charge the groups to prioritize the project to get the work done in a timely manner.


  • Randy will follow up with a finalized update of a list of TUG committees and terms of reference.
  • TUG Steering will highlight the impact for IT departments.
  • TUG Steering will work on a marketing, outreach and education plan for OCUL-CF.
  • TUG Steering will prepare a summary that will accompany an announcement from TUG Exec mandating TUG Steering to prepare the Collaborative Futures plan.

5.TUG Exec Chair Discussion

TUG Exec recommended that the committee have a chair, with a one-year term, which will allow quicker rotation and equitable engagement.


  • TUG Exec will check with Rebecca Graham to determine what her thoughts are before proceeding.

6.Around the Table Updates

Informal around the table updates.