05 - 12 - 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Monday, December 5, 2016
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee December 5, 2016 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

University of Guelph – McLaughlin Library Room 359

Present: Gohar Ashoughian, Gordon Bertrand, Rebecca Graham (Chair), Alison Hitchens, Barbara McDonald (Recorder).

Review of the Minutes of June 13, 2016 and Business Arising (15 min)

One change to Item 1 “Statistics and Reports – Ron Ward” add “Phase 1” to the end of first sentence, so it would read “They are in process of converting Cognos 7 reports to Cognos 10 reports and it is estimated that it will take another 6 months to complete Phase 1.”

Collaborative Futures Discussion (60 min)

Decisions about joining

  • All TUG members are committed to proceeding to Phase 3 and implementation
  • As we work on our individual, internal submissions for funding, Lisa Maenpaa and Sharon Lamont (UW) can assist with financial data


  • Jan 2018 earliest potential implementation based on discussion at the Fall 2016 OCUL Directors meeting
  • TUG members prefer to be in the first cohort

Implications for TUG

Voyager servers

Voyager servers are ageing; it will become increasingly difficult to get parts for them. Brandon working with Ex Libris to find out whether we can use 2 current servers to keep TUG running until implementation of new system

System Administration role

Brandon, UW in a ‘hosted’ environment there is still a role but it is likely more like Randy’s (Ex Libris contact, etc.) although it would likely be at OCUL, not TUG, level

TUG Cost Shared Positions

For TOIT and TSR, agree we would likely stop cost sharing, and positions would revert back to home institution. Before making a final decision, each would be reviewed. TUG Steering will recommend any requirements for overlap in any cost shared positions.

Until we have greater clarity, would continue cost share for Administrative position

Status of TUG projects During #oculCF Phase 3 and Implementation


continue, review of cost share model – date TBD

TUG Last Copy:



TUG Executive (Rebecca Graham) will ask Gord Bertrand (Chair, TUG Steering Committee) and Ron Ward (Chair, TSR) to have Gordon Bertrand attend a TSR meeting to discuss and make recommendations to TUG Executive about:

  • risks (and benefits) to pausing the migration of the rest of the Cognos 7 Reports to Cognos 10
  • other TSR priorities (1) archiving TUG data (2) identifying analytics needs for an #oculCF implementation

TUG Delivery

(borrowing /lending between TUG members) may not be replicated exactly in new system. Based on an analysis of activities from 2005/6 through current, the need has dropped significantly


  • TUG Executive will send an email message to TUGSTAFF-L announcing our decision and intention to be part of #oculCF, with an acknowledgement that many specific decisions still have to be made and an announcement that the TUG Steering Committee (AULs) will prepare a “TUG Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan”
  • TUG Steering Committee will prepare a “TUG Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan” identifying key priorities which need to happen, regardless of which system we choose (data cleanup such as deleting inactive patron records, separating bibliographic holdings) – DRAFT Report to TUG Executive prior to the March 2017 TUG Executive meeting

WLU Press and TUG (Gohar) (30 min)

  • Gohar has had several discussions with Lisa Quinn (Press Director) about open access monograph publications and possible opportunities of partnership with TUG libraries on joint projects or series based on shared interests (example – TriUniversity History program). Any exploration of open access monograph publication would require identification of shared  funding models (ie how to fund a book through to publication ($20-$30K)).
  • Interest in a TUG approach: Guelph and Waterloo both interested in further discussion / focusing on OER; there might be opportunities there

Follow-up on any issues raised by TUG Steering Committee (15 min)

TUG Steering Committee Terms of Reference – Update 2016-11-11

  • APPROVED, with minor edit (remove references to “TUG EXEC” or “TUG Executive” from “accountabilities” bullets after the first one
  • NEXT STEPS – Gordon Bertrand will edit

Committee Annual Reports:

  • Are the reports submitted by TUG Committees useful? Is there information you need that you're not seeing? Template helpful?
  • TUG Executive Response: Yes, they are valuable. TUG Steering should develop a template (max 1 page, double sided)
  • Would you like ALL committees to write reports or only those with budgets?
  • TUG Executive Response: YES, all committees but not onerous
  • Are TUG AULs (TUG Steering Committee) authorized to help TUG committees make decisions on specific operational issues such as:Bulk loading of EBook MARC Records; Implementation of SFX2Primo (instead of using MARCit! service from Ex Libris)
  • TUG Executive Response: YES

Around the Table Updates (30 min)

Informal around the table updates.

Next Meeting: March 2017 (Waterloo)

  • Carolyn to work with campuses to identify date for meeting
  • Agenda to include: TUG Collaborative Futures Preparation Plan – from TUG Steering Committee