03 - 07 - 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 
Friday, July 3, 2015
Meeting Minutes: 

TUG Executive Committee July 3, 2015 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

University of Guelph Library, Room 103

Present: Gohar Ashoughian, Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont, Ron Ward, Nancy Willing, Amanda Etches (Chair), Charles Woods, Kevin Zavitz, Annette Dandyk (Recorder)

Regrets: Pascal Calarco, Rebecca Graham, Mark Haslett

TUG Projects and Cost share Reports Review

The project managers reviewed the 2014/2015 TUG cost shares and proposed budgets for 2015/2016.

TUGBARS – Sharon Lamont

This is the first year that TUGbars hasn’t been cost shared. The decision was made last year to cease cost sharing, but to continue providing statistical information and an analysis of the stats compared to previous years. When compiling this year’s stats it was discovered that last year’s measures were incorrect, necessitating a correction because the error resulted in a difference greater than $500.

TUG Annex – Kevin Zavitz

The year closed with a slight surplus of approx. $24,000.

The University of Guelph is still negotiating with Guelph Infiniti Nissan to renew the lease for another year. Because the budget has already been set, the revenue won’t appear in the budget, but instead will appear as forecast revenue. The proposed budget includes an additional line for computer software licenses used in the Annex. New licensing agreements require that the Annex purchase its own software. Previously they were able to use the campus license.

TDR – Kevin Zavitz

Nesstar was decommissioned and shut down in June 2015. All of the content/data is available on GeoPortal. 

Statistics and Reports – Ron Ward

Stats and Reports came in under budget, as some savings were realized because of discounts for training.

A smaller, conservative budget of $187,000 is projected for the upcoming year. The projection includes expenses for training and staffing, a contingency fund for consultants, hedging unanticipated needs, and technical needs.

Gail Sperling retired, replaced by Jenny Hirst.

Work continues between the Library and IST at UWaterloo on the changeover from Cognos 7 to Cognos 10.  TUG uses three different Cognos servers for development, production, and testing and because IST believes that TUG will be a larger user of server resources than originally thought, they have proposed allocating a dedicated server for TUG. Discussions continue about the matter. A dedicated server would provide greater control over the environment. The financial impact is unknown at this time but currently the plan is that IST will absorb the costs, i.e. no expense to TUG. Each campus is also responsible for negotiating and paying for its own licences, including one administrator licence per Library, not covered by IST.

Staffing – the proposed budget projects 80% of the UWaterloo staff member’s time, with the notes stating that upwards of 90% may be required. Rational:

  • Jenny doesn’t yet have the same knowledge and skillset as Gail,
  • the learning curve is steep,
  • new potential demands based on the relationship with IST,
  • the move to production from Cognos 7 to 10 is at a critical stage in the next year, and
  • we’re trying to accommodate IST’s tight timelines.  

Agreed: use 80% of Jenny’s time for the 2015/2016 cost share. Jenny will also have other tasks, and tracking the TUG Cognos work will not be easy; however, if it goes beyond 80% TUG Exec will need to be made aware. Bill Hallahan may be able to commit to a little more than the 60% projected, but Jingjun Ha can’t contribute more than 50%.

TRELLIS & Primo – Charles Woods, Alison Hitchens

There has been continuity in the expenditures over the years, i.e. status quo. The cost of the server replacement was higher than originally projected.

Projections for 2015/16: no capital costs anticipated. Personnel costs anticipated to be lower – because Charles is retiring. It is unknown if the OCUL Collaborative Futures project will have an impact.

Testing on Voyager 9.1 is underway.

Primo: the actual server migration took place in June and went very well.  Alison is drafting a report for TUG Exec. Indexing is running 50% faster.  

There have been preliminary discussions about who the next Trellis Project Manager will be. It is important to have cross institutional training and involvement. TOMG will lose Donna Sartori and Charles Woods in 2015/16, leaving only Matt Tales. The governance structure will need to be reviewed before a decision can be made.

Action: Alison will draft a report about the Primo server migration for TUG Exec.

TUG Exec will appoint a new Trellis project manager.

PMMP – Amanda Etches, Gohar Ashoughian, Sharon Lamont

Charlotte Innerd is preparing a report to wrap-up the project. There won’t be a TUG cost shared position this year because the bulk of the work has been completed.   

Action: Charlotte will prepare a report wrapping up the PMMP project.

Review and Approval of the minutes of January 20, 2015

The minutes were approved as written.

Business Arising

#2 Business Arising/Primo and Voyager: Mark sent an email from TUG Exec thanking everyone individually, and will send another after the August upgrade.

Action: Mark will send a thank you to both the Primo & Trellis teams after the August Trellis upgrade.

#3 OCUL OLRC Initiative and TUG Node:

Action: Amanda will confirm that Wayne Johnston compiled a report of the OCUL OLRC initiative partners and send it to TUG Exec.

#7 TUG Conference: the online discussion has not occurred yet. A TUG conference will not be scheduled for this year. Discussion deferred.

Action:  Discuss the TUG conference at a future meeting.

Receipt of TUG Annex Annual Space Reporting Documents

The committee acknowledged receipt of the report. Discussion will be deferred until the fall meeting. Scott Gillies will be invited to discuss the report and the three proposed models.  

Shared Annex Collection (PMMP and ACE Project)

Deferred to the next meeting. 

At a preliminary AODA working group meeting at U of Guelph, it was noted that there should be fuller discussions about PMMP and last copy, particularly ideas about shared collections and ownership. It raises questions about liability, insurance, and copyright. Similar conversations will also occur in Collaborative Futures at the OCUL Directors level.

Around the Table Updates

Informal around the table updates.

Next meeting

To be determined

Action Items:

  • Alison Hitchens Will Draft a Report about the Primo Server Migration for TUG Exec
  • TUG Exec will appoint a new Trellis Project Manager
  • Charlotte will prepare a report wrapping up the PMMP project
  • Mark will send a thank you to both the Primo & Trellis teams after the August TRELLIS upgrade
  • Amanda will confirm that Wayne Johnston compiled a report of the OCUL OLRC initiative partners and send it to TUG Exec
  • TUG Exec will Discuss the TUG Conference at a future meeting