TUG Governance & Committees

The TriUniversity Group of Libraries (TUG) is ultimately governed by the TUG Exec Group, a group made up of the University/Chief Librarians at each of the three TUG Libraries.

Committees (restricted access):

  • TUG Exec (TUG-EXEC)
  • TUG Steering (TUG-STEERING)
  • TUG Finance (TUG-FINANCE)
  • TUG Operations & Infrastructure Team (TUG-OPERATIONS-INFRASTRUCTURE)

    • TUG Access Services (TUG-ACCESS-SERVICES)
    • TUG Analytics (TUG-ANALYTICS)
    • TUG Annex
    • TUG Cataloguing & Metadata (TUG-CATALOGUING)
    • TUG Discovery (TUG-DISCOVERY)
    • TUG Information Resources (TUG-INFORMATION-RESOURCES)


Other Supporting Committees/Lists:

  • TUG Prototyping List (TUG-Prototyping)
  • TUG Cognos Training List (TUG-Cognos-Training)
  • TUG Staff List (TUG-Staff)